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Started in 2001 as an information security research institute, softScheck has evolved into Singapore’s leading IT security company. We offer our clients the highest level of product penetration testing, general applications and network penetration testing to ensure their valuable information is safeguarded against malicious users.


Catch up on the latest IT news and discover some essential cybersecurity tips to ensure your company is protected against hackers and unauthorised users.

Case Studies

Find out how softScheck’s team of security professionals achieve its Red Teaming objectives by testing our client’s IT cybersecurity abilities against real-world targeted attacks.

WordPress Plugin TranslatePress < 2.0.9 - Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting

We discovered a Stored Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability on the WordPress Plugin, TranslatePress, on 06 August 2021. This WordPress translation plugin assists with the translation of website content from and…

Singtel’s Zero-Day Cyberattack – Anticipate OR Re-Act to Attacks?

Singapore’s telecom giant, Singtel, has fallen victim to a zero-day cyberattack which stemmed from security bugs in a third-party software – the Accellion legacy file-transfer platform.

Discover where the weaknesses in your IT security exist by partnering with our renowned cybersecurity consulting firm in Singapore

Backed by our expert team of in-house specialists and project managers, we carry out detailed security assessments for companies across every kind of industry. To develop better products and protect against cybersecurity vulnerabilities, contact softScheck for a quote today.