Audit Services

What is Information System Audit & Compliances / IT Security General Audit?

The Information System Audit is the process of deriving assurance on whether the IT Organization, IT operations’ process during development, implementation and maintenance of IT system meets business goals, safeguards information assets and maintains data integrity.


Objective of this assessment

Ensure that the IT resources allow organizational goals to be achieved effectively and use resources efficiently
Review and evaluate of the controls of the IT Systems to gain assurance about their adequacy and effectiveness
Evaluate effectiveness of IT controls to ensure systems are functioning as intended and ascertain compliance with applicable laws, policies and standards.

Approach & Methodology


Initiation (Pre-Assessment)

  • Information gathering
  • SoA (Statement of Applicability)
  • Document Review and IT Assessment detail planning



  • Onsite Assessment
  • Verification and Checking


Finalisation (Post Assessment)

  • Assessment Report (Finding and Maturity State)
  • Recommendation