Industry Capabilities

Banking & Finance

The challenge

Cybersecurity attacks against financial institutions (FIs) are evolving rapidly in scope, complexity, and sophistication. The need to strengthen security risk management to comply with enhanced regulations can be a daunting task. softScheck’s professionals are dedicated to reducing cyber-risk in the financial system.


How Can Help You

As a trusted cybersecurity advisor, works closely with key financial institutions to be more vigilant and effective in technology risk management practices according to industry-recognised guidelines such as MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines (MAS TRM), TaHiTI Threat Hunting Methodology by FI-ISAC, ABS Penetration Test Guidelines, ABS Red Team (Adversarial Attack Simulation Exercises Guidelines), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and MITRE ATT&CK. Offensive exercises complement the defensive layers to assess the effectiveness of defenses, and improve the security team’s preparedness to detect and respond to incidents.

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