What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network Penetration Testing, also known as Network VAPT, is a process where cybersecurity experts use real-world scenarios to test the safety of your network. Acting as a malicious user, this non-destructive technique sees us find and utilise existing vulnerabilities in your network to gain access to your company’s valuable information.

As you become aware of the weaknesses of your security from Network VAPT, we can then take steps to safeguard your data against hackers and other dishonest users who might attempt to compromise your business.


is a CREST accredited Penetration Testing provider.


Objective of this assessment

Detailed and rigorous examination of all the services found on every live host
Preventing network and data breaches
Ensuring network and system security

Approach & Methodology


There are two main approaches to a Network Penetration Testing – Internal & external

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal penetration testing is performed within an organisation's network. Where a vulnerability assessment will typically only identify weak points in your system, internal penetration testing safely exploits these faults to find out what information is exposed to attack.

External Penetration Testing

Using an ethical hacker, external penetration testing searches for security vulnerabilities in internet-facing assets such as web, email, and FTP servers. With these potentially insecure areas giving legitimate attackers a route into your systems and data, it’s absolutely vital that they remain impossible to penetrate. This evaluation uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) method to assess your network’s current risk.

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Performing a robust Network VAPT is the smartest way to protect your company’s data and information. With softScheck’s talented in-house team of cybersecurity experts having a wealth of experience in conducting these examinations, we know what it takes to identify weaknesses and make wise recommendations to resolve them. Contact us for a quote today.