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Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel (SQEP) Engagement

In order to effectively develop a critical digital system, it is crucial to adopt the Security-By-Design (SBD) approach for the entire project lifecycle. This means integrating security into every step or phase of the SDLC, which covers everything from design, initiation, development, deployment, and up to eventual disposal of the system.

Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel (SQEP) are individuals or teams of people whom you can rely on. They possess sufficient skills, relevant experience, and a clear understanding of security requirements such as MAS TRM guidelines, IM8, ISO27001 standards, etc.


How can an assignment of SQEP benefit YOU?

SQEP will assist organizations with the following:

Interpret applicable security requirements from your industry's best practices
Design and implement the security architecture of your systems
Assess the security risks from deviations and non-compliances
Support security acceptance tests and continual security assessments

SoftScheck has undertaken numerous projects helping our clients to build digital trust and achieve security maturity in their systems. By sharing our security expertise and in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity industry, we strive to create a better digital environment for businesses to operate in.

Our dedicated team of SQEP members have accumulated decades of experience in the design, evaluation, and testing of system security architecture for some of the most sophisticated projects in the Government and Financial industry. As a security architect and advisor, our SQEP members have obtained certification such as Information Systems Security Architecture Professional  (CISSP-ISSAP) that attests to our expertise in developing, designing, and analyzing security solutions.

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Why softScheck

In today’s business environment, companies must make IT security risk assessments a priority in order to protect their data and their reputation. At softScheck Singapore, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality security assessments, project planning, and execution. As a leading CREST approved cybersecurity consultancy in Singapore, our team has a wealth of experience in helping organisations to understand, manage and reduce their cybersecurity risks. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from IT security risk assessments and web application threat modeling to penetration testing and IoT security testing.

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