Certified IT Security Audit Singapore

Having a thorough understanding of your network is essential to protecting your business from modern threats. With softScheck’s comprehensive IT security audit in Singapore, we can provide a detailed overview of numerous aspects of your company, ensuring you fully understand how your security measures up to today’s standards.

Access Control Review 

Knowing who has access to what information is hugely important when it comes to cybersecurity. Our Access Control Review will confirm your user’s identities, determine which resources they can access, and ensure business owners can track and manage who has permission to view specific data. 

Application Security Audit

Conducting an Application Security Audit is vital for systems that are either in development or post-implementation. Throughout this IT system security audit, we will assess the effectiveness of built-in security measures and provide comprehensive reporting on how protected your application truly is. 

Information System Audit & Compliances 

Gain a broad overview of your cybersecurity by completing an Information System Audit & Compliances evaluation. This certified IT security audit in Singapore determines whether your current IT operations safeguard your data, maintain informational integrity, and ultimately serve your long-term business goals.

Security System Acceptance Test (SSAT) 

Discover how secure a new system really is with a Security System Acceptance Test (SSAT). This kind of independent review is designed to assess how the implementation of various security systems within a specific product stands up against testing. This ensures you do not deploy a system that includes critical weaknesses. 

Threat Modelling

Ensure your company understands how an attacker will attempt to get inside your system by conducting rigorous threat modelling. This essential IT security audit takes the perspective of a malicious user, as we profile potential hackers, identify expected attack points, and determine your most wanted assets.