Industry Capabilities

Infocomm and Media

The challenge

Infocomm and media are critical pillars in creating a vibrant economy and connecting people to the global community. The importance of secure infocomm infrastructures cannot be undermined as it is under constant cyber threats and malicious attacks. In the age of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, and AI, cybersecurity framework needs to evolve rapidly. The burden is on organizations to keep up with trends and new strategies to stay ahead in the cybersecurity race.


How Can Help You?

’s professionals work closely with telecommunication operators and internet service providers to put in place cybersecurity strategies by stages. We conduct regular preventive-approach assessments to effectively measure and enhance the cybersecurity posture. Advanced security assessments (Red Team) simulate real-world attacks to measure the readiness of its defense team (Blue team). All systems are reviewed and aligned with IMDA IoT Cybersecurity Guide, CSA Cybersecurity Code of Practice for CII, Committee of Inquiry’s (COI) recommendation from SingHealth attack and Telecommunications Cybersecurity Code of Practice.

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