Wireless Penetration Testing Singapore

What is Wireless Penetration Testing?

Identifying system weaknesses is hugely important to modern businesses. Unfortunately, one of the most at-risk aspects of a company’s infrastructure is its wireless network. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By employing a leading team like softScheck to conduct comprehensive wireless penetration testing, we can detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your security controls, network standards and access points to reveal potentially devastating weak spots.

With an insecure wireless network serving as one of the main ways malicious hackers penetrate a company’s vital systems, if they manage to gain access, a myriad of attacks can be used to steal valuable information and cause untold damage. Fortunately, softScheck is one of the most renowned wireless pentest specialists in Singapore. Our precise approach ensures we can identify critical faults in your system and quickly determine how to remedy them.


is a CREST accredited Penetration Testing provider.


Objective of this assessment

Detect vulnerabilities and misconfigured wireless devices
Identify rogue access points
Prevent unauthorised use of your wireless network

Approach & Methodology


The main part of attacking the access points uses several techniques, such as:

Access Control Attack
Confidentiality Attack
Integrity Attack
Authentication Attack
Availability Attack
Attack Client

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For expert-led wireless pentesting in Singapore, softScheck should be your number one choice. Based in Singapore since 2015, we’ve partnered with a vast range of public and private corporations to ensure their network security achieves the highest standards. With our professional in-house team having an in-depth understanding of even the most complex systems, we can help your business protect itself against a variety of attacks.

If you choose to let softScheck guide your wireless VAPT, we’ll rapidly identify any vulnerabilities that exist within your wireless network. Alongside extensive reports on our findings, you’ll gain incredible insight into how your system matches up to the latest security standards. Contact us for a quote today.