Audit Services

What is System Security Acceptance Test (SSAT)?

The System Security Acceptance Test (SSAT) is an independent audit and review of a system against specific cybersecurity requirements. It is a subset of Systems Acceptance Testing where the focus is on security.

This activity focuses on the acceptance testing of the security requirements and controls that has been approved as part of the system’s design and is acceptable to be deployed. as an independent third-party assessor has the capability to provide SSAT for our clients.


Objective of this assessment

Ensure that all risks are mitigated before system commissioning
Demonstrate compliance with all the IT security requirements
Validate that all IT security controls in the System are working properly

Approach & Methodology

IT Security Audit against tender security requirements
Security Configuration Review against security specifications and baseline standards
Source Code Review
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Policy, Process and Procedures Compliance Review