Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Singapore

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

As both malicious internal and external users have the potential to cripple your vital network, conducting an extensive vulnerability assessment (VA) is the best way to protect your company. This highly technical evaluation is designed to yield as many vulnerabilities as possible, with our systematic approach helping to remedy critical weaknesses.

Once these shortcomings in your network security have been identified by our vulnerability assessment, we then assign them a severity and remediation priority to ensure your business is secured against hackers and other dishonest users. Using the latest industry-specific tools, our objective-based assessment is typically completed as a preliminary step to penetration testing (PT).

With our comprehensive VAPT testing conducted using real-world scenarios, we’ll use a range of automated and manual techniques to hunt down these vulnerabilities. As we compare our findings to your company’s objectives, we’ll detect the weak links and provide detailed recommendations about how to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.


softScheck is a CREST accredited Penetration Testing provider.


Objective of this assessment

Create an overview of the security risks to a network
Provides a prioritised list of vulnerable areas
Regular assessment to reveal key vulnerabilities in the system

Approach & Methodology



Using a simulated, multi-layered attack known as Red Teaming, softScheck’s security professionals will put your network security to the test. Read our case studies to find out how our Red Teaming helped our Singaporean clients identify and protect themselves against targeted attacks.

Launched in Singapore in 2015, softScheck is one of the country’s leading vulnerability assessment and penetration testing organisations.

Backed by our in-house team of highly experienced security consultants and project managers, we assist businesses to secure their internal networks from a variety of risks.

Across software faults, outdated network infrastructure, and zero-day vulnerabilities, let our talented team guide your IT vulnerability assessment and stop attacks before they happen. Contact us for a quote today.