CISO Roundtable 2022 (Singapore)

We successfully organized our first CISO Roundtable event, where we gather leaders from various industries to learn and share insight on cyber security. The goal was to help our audience take away a fresh perspective and new strategies to apply to keep their organizations more cyber secure! As a major cyber security player, it is softScheck APAC’s responsibility to contribute our value to the market.

At CISO Roundtable 2022, we collaborated with leading organizations to introduce fresh perspectives on combating supply chain attacks. Together, we equipped our audiences with knowledge on how organizations can improve their cyber security posture using a holistic approach:

– how to identify supply chain attacks in modern app development

softScheck APAC
– Threat Modelling as a means to explore cyber risks beyond standard security assessments; debunking myths and misconceptions

– benefits of accreditations; moving cybersecurity beyond checkboxes

The role of softScheck APAC in the industry is to accelerate the achievement of digital trust with organizations. In this aspect, we hope to drive the transformation of organizations from the cyber security perspective. We are grateful to everyone who has been with us on this journey thus far.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the CISO Roundtable 2022. Thank you to Checkmarx (our sponsor) and CREST (supporting organization) for your dedicated efforts in providing information and service to all our attendees. softScheck APAC expresses our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and clients who gave your time in coming down to support this event. Thank you everyone for your role in helping to make CISO Roundtable 2022 a great success!