Cyber Trust Mark Advisory

What is Cyber Trust Mark

Cyber Trust Mark is a cybersecurity certification issued by The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). This serves as a mark of distinction for businesses who put in place good cybersecurity practices and measures that matches their risk profile.
(Note: Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for CSA Cyber Trust Certifications is available!)

Indicative Organization Profiles and Cyber Security Preparedness Tiers

The five (5) different Cyber Security Preparedness tiers cater to the varying nature of organizations, sizes, and their digital maturity level. Depending on business needs, an organization may progressively improve their cybersecurity measures to reach the next tier.


Who is Cyber Trust Mark Advisory for?

Do you find any of these statements true for your enterprise or business?

  • Your business operations are robust and digitized
  • You need to assess cybersecurity risks and preparedness
  • You want to start implementing cybersecurity practices and international standards relating to IOT and cybersecurity such as ISO/IEC 27001 etc., but it seems daunting
  • You are looking for a progressive pathway to adopt international information security standards (E.g., ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

If so, Cyber Trust Mark Advisory is suitable for you!

Cyber Trust Mark Advisory Objectives

  • Increase business resilience
  • Lower cyber risk and legal threat exposure
  • Minimize risk of monetary penalties
  • Earn trust and confidence from clients and partners
  • Ensure a match of your cybersecurity risk and needs without over-investment

How can softScheck help me?

SoftScheck will help organizations achieve the Cyber Trust Mark in these ways:

  • Provide expertise in areas of cybersecurity risk profile assessment
  • Clear the path and provide a guided approach that saves time and hassle
  • Support your organization through the arduous journey
  • Substantially decrease the chances of failure

Approach and Methodology

Our goal is to handhold and walk with your organization throughout the various stages of your Cyber Trust Mark implementation and certification program. Our approach requires close engagement through the listed stages below:


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