Digital Identity Risk Assessment (DIRA)


As the world becomes more digital, the absence of robust identity verification mechanisms poses a significant threat to the security of the digital realm. This vulnerability opens the door to a range of malicious activities, including the theft of personal information and corporate secrets, the hijacking of companies through ransomware, and the unauthorized depletion of accounts.


Objective of this assessment

Identity Verification Assurance

Establish a comprehensive framework for verifying and validating digital identities, ensuring that only authorized individuals or entities gain access to sensitive information or systems.

Risk Mitigation and Prevention

Identify potential vulnerabilities within digital systems and applications to proactively mitigate and prevent risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats.

Compliance Adherence

Ensure that the digital identity assessment process aligns with industry regulations and compliance standards, fostering a secure environment while meeting legal requirements.

DIRA Approach & Methodology

softScheck’s Digital Identity Risk Assessment (DIRA) process begins when a new application or system is identified, or a time-driven or event-driven reassessment is triggered. Application data is identified, collected, and analyzed to determine the assurance levels and produce a Digital Identity Assessment Statement (DIAS) through following steps